Custom Fabrication

We can provide you with everything from simple components to complete production solutions.
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In-House Engineering

Experience and a creative mindset to design and build problem-solving machinery.
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Plant Process Improvement

Increase productivity and product yields while reducing downtime and waste.
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We have teamed with some of the Automation Industry's leaders to improve your bottom line.
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Our Promise and values

To Our Customers:

Diligent is committed to achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction by developing and providing solutions for their requirements, producing high quality products and services, delivering on time, and striving to improve continuously.

To Our Employees:

We are committed to employee Satisfaction by providing a safe work environment, engaging the work force in challenging projects, providing high performing employees with good wages, benefits, training, and opportunities for growth. We recognize that it is the talent of the workforce that drives the success of our company.

To Continued Growth:

We are committed to future growth by conducting business ethically, generating a good return on investment, and developing a skilled and technologically advanced workforce capable of growing the organization.

"The plans of the diligent, lead surely to abundance" - Proverbs 21:5

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