Products & Solutions

Equipment that increases efficiencies

Custom equipment

From simple remodels to new plant installations, we handle the engineering, design, fabrication and installation of complete production lines to address operations from animal truck unloading through packaging and more. This capability includes partial plant machinery renovations or rebuilds, maintenance, and the installation of our custom equipment.

You can count on quality workmanship, open discussion, and the highest level of creative thinking. Our focus is on you, solving your manufacturing trouble spots with an all-encompassing one-stop-shop service of concept, design, fabrication, and build.

Cattle / Beef Production Lines

Diligent is a leader in the field of cattle slaughter lines with capacities up to 150 cattle processing per hour. Our custom high-speed production equipment guides cattle from the barn through the aging process in the cooler.

If secondary and further processing are a part of your operations we have solutions to fit your operation.

Hog / Pork Production Lines

Diligent's custom hog processing lines are fully equipped with working machines allowing you to process hogs from livestock to perfectly processed meat with capacities to perform 500 pigs per hour.  

If secondary and further processing are a part of your operations we have solutions to fit your operation.

Poultry / Bird Processing Lines

Diligent's custom solutions and services apply to the processing of all typical types of poultry at all possible stages in the process.  Besides broiler processing, we also specialize in technology and systems for processing layers, parent stock, turkeys and ducks.

Our high-speed production lines offer up to 500 birds per hour complete with reception, scalding tank, pluckers, evisceration lines, water and air chilling. We also offer individual machines like pluckers, cut up lines and crate washers.

Our Values

Integrity, innovation and excellence. Diligent leads the way in advancing how meat is harvested and processed. Our sole focus is on your meat processing operations.  We support the safe harvesting and processing of high-quality meat products by designing, fabricating, and installing problem-solving machinery and tooling systems into cattle, poultry, and hog processing facilities.  

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